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Creators' Square

The Creators' Square or Schöpferplatz is a square and a memorial on Creators' Island (Schöpferinsel) in Chielo-Radiko. It was erected by Fritoeser in August 2012. The square acts as a reminder of the creation of Chielo on Germiney in May 2011. At the western side of the Creators' Square, there's a wooden fountain with a 14 meter high sandstone obelisk in its center.

The Schöpferinsel was already a part of XXXSky on Germiney. Back then, it was still called Boat Island (Bootsinsel) because you could boat down a waterfall from a pond next to the only building on the island. When Chielo returned to Germiney, the Bootsinsel was leveled and enlarged. Then, it got two empty plots ready for purchase and bridges to two new islands.
After the transfer of the city to Minevaria, the Bootsinsel was renamed Schöpferinsel.

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