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Airway Station
Metro station below Klenzing

The railway of Minevaria is composed of four different systems with their own lines.


The Subtera Fervojo, abbreviated SF or Subvojo, is the subway of Minevaria.
There's one line: SF-1 – from Cordonshofen to Klenzing
A second line SF-2 is planned; its first stations will be in Klenzing. Also, there'll be a third line SF-3 in the south.

Interurban railway

Alta Fervojo, abbr. AF, is the term for the overground railroads between the cities.
As of now, there are no AF stations or lines yet.


A transrapid line is a high-speed monorail line between two places.
There's no transrapid yet, but a connection between Minechen and Klenzing is already planned.


The Airway is a unique connection between Chielo-Centro and the SF system.
The station can be found on Hallental Island, but the Airway itself is still under construction.