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The railway of Minevaria is composed of four different systems with their own lines.


The Subtera Fervojo, abbreviated SF or Subvojo, is the subway of Minevaria.
There's one line: SF-1 – from Cordonshofen to Klenzing
A second line SF-2 is planned; its first stations will be in Klenzing. Also, there'll be a third line SF-3 in the south.

Interurban railway

Alta Fervojo, abbr. AF, is the term for the overground railroads between the cities.
As of now, there are no AF stations or lines yet.


A transrapid line is a high-speed monorail line between two places.
There's no transrapid yet, but a connection between Minechen and Klenzing is already planned.


The Airway is a unique connection between Chielo-Centro and the SF system.
The station can be found on Hallental Island, but the Airway itself is still under construction.