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Karolswiesen is a small village east of Aliabordo and can be seen from the Aliabordo Bridge. To get there, you can either walk from Aliabordo or travel by metro with the line SF-1. Due to its location at the Minechen Channel, Karolswiesen can also be reached easily with a boat. The landmarks of the village are the Elephant of Karolswiesen, the Tocce Bonguste and Siegfried's Temple. The latter was erected in honor of Siegfried I who was buried somewhere in Minechen.

Karolswiesen was founded by Karol I, successor of Siegfried I, as Bonguste. He let construct a temple honoring his predecessor and a tocce. After Karol's death and burial in the Halls of Bonguste, the inhabitants started calling their village "Karols Wiese" (ger. "Karol's meadow"). Later on, King Siegfried II officially renamed the village between Minechen and Pflugspitze to "Karolswiesen". A few references to the old name can still be found today, including the name of the Tocce Bonguste.


Another sight near the village is the Pflugspitze viewpoint. It can be reached from the metro station of Karolswiesen. The lookout flag was built by Palando using wood and wool. Fritoeser took care of the path leading to the flag.

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