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Gschaid is a Gothic village west of Hefenberg. The first idea for this settlement dates back to 2013 but was often reconsidered as time went by. Eventually, the whole village was completed by Palando in March 2015.

Gschaid was founded in the 11th century as fiefdom for a knight. Initially, economic bases were fishery, livestock farming, forestry, and wood processing. The rise began at the end of the 12th century when a young, eager priest came to the parish. He was fascinated by Gothic architecture so he commissioned the gothic reconstruction of the Romanesque church St. Laurentius. With that much enthusiasm, his episcopal consecration was no surprise and brought Gschaid's carpenters new orders and a high reputation. For representational purposes, the carpenters' guild and the steward's house were extended, as well as the inn. In the following periods, the prosperity endured.