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The white and blue kingdom

Minevaria is a virtual Bavarian world. Tourists are always welcome, but the privilege to build on this world belongs to the kings and architects of Minevaria. The world of Minevaria exists since the end of August 2011 and is online since early September 2011.  » Server history...

Be our guest!

Dear visitor, we, the kings and architects of Minevaria, welcome you to our website. We invite you to visit our white and blue cube world, on this website and on the server.  » Cities and villages...

You, your work and the world of Minevaria

Are you skilled at building appealing structures? Are you building cozy cabins or rather big sights? Or whole villages? Are you taking pleasure in furnishing edifices? Or do you have a preference for designing imposing gardens and parks? If you can answer one of these questions with "yes", you've come to the right server!  » Participate...

In the wide, wide web

Minevaria – a part of the internet – isn't only talked about on the server and this website. Sometimes, others leave complimentary remarks and links on the World Wide Web.  » View...

Server info

Server IP:
Version: 1.11.2
Status: Offline  Server status

How it all began

A long time ago, the Kingdom of Minevaria has been founded by Siegfried I. in the settlement Minechen. Under his reign, the village has grown to a town and his successors helped the kingdom provide greatness, power, and prosperity. But the glorious time of Minevaria should come to an end with the last ruler of the house: Siegfried XIII. lead the kingdom into disaster. Years of destruction, conquest, and decay ensued. The lineage perished by him made way for two new kings, the Bavarier, and the Architects' Era was ushered in. Now, it's up to them and chosen architects on royal service, to reconquer old territories, rediscover forgotten landscapes and technology and rebuild the Kingdom of Minevaria.